A client invitation will be published on our website at the relevant time and in the media (i.e. newspapers) if and when the State Diamond Trader is accepting clients.

For any company to purchase rough diamonds From the State Diamond Trader they first need to be registered clients. Companies seeking to become clients must follow the State Diamond Trader application procedure.

Every diamond producer in South Africa is obliged to present their full ‘Run of Mine’ to the State Diamond Trader where we can then purchase a representative sample of up to 10% to avail for purchase to our clients.

Most mining companies place the remaining 90% of their goods on tender at various locations across the country. The South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator can provide further information on this.

Another source for rough diamonds is the Diamond Export and Exchange Centre (DEEC) a branch of the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator.

There is also the international rough diamond market.

A Diamond Beneficiation Licence is obtainable from the South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator. This licence allows the holder to purchase rough diamonds for the purpose of cutting and polishing them.

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No, diamonds purchased from the State Diamond Trader are for the purpose of local beneficiation. The law, however, allows such purchasers to sell 20% of those diamonds provided they can show that they have beneficiated the 80%.

No. The State Diamond Trader does not deal in polished diamonds at all. Only the polished market dealers can buy or sell polished diamonds.